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Carey Meadows, Ashmill, Ashwater, Beaworthy, North Devon, EX21 5HA

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The Studio
Fully equipped production studio using State of the Art Electronics.

Prices. All prices plus V.A.T and P & P.  1st January 2008.

Behringer MX9000
48 track mixer
Behringer Patch Bays
Peavey 24 Track Mixer
Three Fostex DMT8VL Recorders
HHB CDR Recorders
Sony Mini-disc Recorders

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Studio Equipment.

Alesis Q20 with
Echoes of the Past
Atlantis 1
Zoom 508
Lexicon MPX1
T.C. G-Force
Carlsbro Mantis Echo
PodPro Software 2. version
Roland XP80 Synths
Roland G-1000 Synth
Proteus 2000
Synth Module

Yamaha Synth Module
Korg Synth Module
Pioneer Pitch & Tempo Controllers
Boss DR 770
AceTone/Echoes Amp
Antares ATR 1

Yamaha Professional CDR Recorders
Apogee Converters with UV22
Behringer Ultrafex Sound Enhancement
Roland JD800 Synth
Korg Triton L.E. Synth
Korg AN1X Synth
Tascam 2488 Recorder
Tascam CD Recorders

TC96K Finaliser
Alesis Compressors
Digitec Studio Vocalist
ART valve mic pre-amp
Audio-technica mic's
Roland MC 505

Aiwa Dolby HX PRO
Cassette Recorder
Alesis Monitor Speakers
Two Alesis Q2s with
Echoes of the Past

Mackie 24 track/24 bit Digital
Audio Hard disc Recorder
Samson Studio Amplifiers
TC Electronic M2000 Studio
Effects Processor

We can provide :

24 Track Digital Recording
CD Production
CDR Duplication 
Glass Mastering
Art Work
Short Run CDR Duplication
Backing Tracks

Current Prices.

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Lahaina UK
Carey Meadows, Ashmill, Ashwater, Beaworthy, North Devon, EX21 5HA
Tel +44 (0)1409 211148

Per Hour

Per Hour

Per Hour
Plus Materials

Per Hour

Each complete album:

Each complete album:

Per Copy

min: 50 copies.
Per Copy
J Card case + Color insert card

£1.50 each
85p each
65p each
60p each

Photo's & layout to be supplied.

500 copies
+ artwork production charge
1000 copies
+ artwork production charge

1000 single albums
+ artwork production charge
1000 double albums
+ artwork production charge

Including mail shot by recorded delivery

Studio Time        
Recording - Cubase - Mackie
24 Track Analogue - Digital Systems
TC Electronics - HHB - Tascam Yamaha / Apogee UV22
Production Master CD                
CD Production Charge                
CDR - Copies
Short Run - CD - R Duplication        
Screen printed black on silver                

Glass Mastering - Duplication

Bulk spindle
Bulk spindle
Bulk spindle
Bulk spindle                                

Art Work Production Charges        

Complete CD package + Barcode        
Slimline - J - Card case                
4 Color insert card - Over wrapped        

Complete CD package + Jewel case
Color booklet - Barcode Over wrapped                        

Artist - Promotion - Service                

Posted to UK-BBC and independant radio stations with press releases.

Phil Gibbs Promotes

National and local radio stations - Heads of music and producers.
A minumim promotional quality of 50 albums are required with artists biography and 50 black and white artists photographs.
Plugging and album assessment by:                                
Press realeses to:
All tracks must be fully mastered:                                

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The Studio
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