‘From Mathematician to Musician...’

My track Forgotten Summers was selected by a French advertising company. The Director, Isabelle Louvin had spent a whole week searching through the Internet before choosing my track to use for the CD ROM advertising the George V Four Seasons Hotel in Paris to be given to businessmen/women

During the past four years, I have composed more than 70 piano pieces.
I sent a sample CD to Chick Holland at Lahaina UK who is helping to promote new artists.
He loved my music and suggested that we work together to produce Nature's Symphony.
I have benefited greatly from his musical talent and expertise.
Without his help neither Nature’s Symphony nor our new CD Autumn Shadows would have been created and for this I am eternally grateful.
You can also purchase both of Iris’s CDs in a Special two CD Album.
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You can receive a FREE SAMPLE CD of Iris’s music.
by simply sending a S.A.E and payment of £2.49  To Lahaina UK, 'Carey Meadows', Ashmill, Devon, EX21 5HA, or ordering using our Music CD's page.

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'My music is full of changing colour and tone, reflecting the harmony in nature. Just relax, and listen after a hard days life!'

Iris Litchfield

Iris's 3 CD's now available

Autumn Shadows & Nature's Symphony
2 - CD Album

Sheet Music is available for Iris's Music, Individual Tracks or in book format.

Autumn Shadows
14 tracks - Album Book £15
Nature's Symphony
23 tracks - Album Book £25 please add £1.50 p+p

Single track copies £1.00 add - 50p for p+p


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Iris Litchfield
Iris Litchfield & Chick Holland

Aiming for the film-soundtrack market, this tastefully recorded CD is based around the compositions of pianist Iris Litchfield. The upright piano's sound is nicely recorded. There is a slightly boxy, woody piano sound on the opening track, which I rather liked. Orchestrations complement Iris's Richard Clayderman-inspired piano parts. As far as I can tell, this additional instrumentation was arranged by Chick Holland, who offers his services as a professional arranger and engineer via his web site, and his contribution certainly gives these compositions a wider appeal to the listening public and also adds that 'film soundtrack' quality. The hall reverbs chosen for the piano are tasteful and suit the 'natural' piano sound - that is to say, the reverb is not overly bright. The quality of the mix is good, but then it ought to be, as Chick is a pro!


From Robin Alciatore

Versatile, Award Winning Pianist - Internationally acclaimed

Dear Chick:

I'm pleased to share my thoughts with you on Iris' music:
Her melodies are immediate, personal and honest - sometimes plaintive, sometimes sentimental, and at times even grand.
They comfort and soothe. They elevate and inspire. 
Her harmonies are, at once, both contemporary and timeless.
She effortlessly blends familiar harmonic progressions with unexpected yet delicious surprises, and the results are sublime.
The orchestrations are lush, gorgeous, and at times even hypnotic.
Iris Litchfield's music evokes a world apart from our own realities,where possibilities seem endless, hope never wanes, and the light shines
bright and pure. 
It is music for your mind and for your heart.

Congratulations to you both on your forthcoming album release.

Classical Pianist
Robin Alciatore
California USA


Listened to your new song Autumn Shadows and it was great! Really loved
the new electronic backing, It really adds a depth and sense of emotion to
your already wonderful music. Can't wait to hear more....

Jim DeLutes
Denver - USA



Iris, thanks for sending your new track 'Glad Time Rag'

Again, I am speechless! This is charming! Quaint! Such fun! Yes, entirely different style, but definitely you!! I am so envious! The music literally flows from your fingers!!!
I wish things came so easily (or what seems to be so easy).
I love everything you do - count me as an eternal fan!

Robin Alciatore
California USA


Welcome to the music of our newly signed artist..
An exciting new pianist who plays in a contemporary light classical style.
Iris Litchfield

Iris’ story.

I did not come from a musical family. Although my mother loved piano music the family was too poor for her to have lessons so she was determined to give me all the chances that she never had. She used to go out cleaning to earn extra money for my music lessons.  I believe I owe my musical success to her.!

I started playing the piano at the age of five,  taught by a formidable lady who used to hit me over the knuckles with a ruler whenever I played a wrong note, but in spite of this I passed all the exams for the piano and then took up the clarinet.

Iris Litchfield
Your new track Autumn Shadows is fabulous.

Isobel Louvin, George V Four Seasons Hotel. Paris - France

I started writing piano music only after I had retired. I always knew I wanted to create something but I didn't know what until I started composing.  The modern composers who inspired me to write piano music are Vangelis and Richard Clayderman, although my greatest love is for classical music, my favourite composers being Brahms, Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninov and Shostakovich.
I obtained a State Scholarship to study mathematics at university and then taught in various schools for 39 years.   I was deputy head at Ravensbourne School for Girls from 1984 until 1989, when I retired early from full-time teaching because of ill health.  I worked as a part-time maths teacher at Holy Trinity College, Bromley until 1998 when I finally gave up teaching in schools, although I still coach Advanced Level Maths
all over the world! I felt highly honoured to know that she had chosen my music from hundreds of other composers. 

Another track from Nature’s Symphony, Footprints in the Snow, has been chosen for use on the soundtrack of a forthcoming French/Australian film.  In September a famous American DVD Company – Mill Reef will produce a Nature DVD using 80 minutes of my music.

I am happy to have taught mathematics for most of my working life. It was good to have come to composing later in life. I have had no lessons in composition, I just place my hands on the piano and the music writes itself!  Some pieces just seem to flow whereas others are more difficult.

I  am very excited that I am able to produce music that other people enjoy listening to.

The Track Autumn Shadows from your new album was played on CFRU 93.3 FM in Canada on December 18th.  It was a fantastic show and your song fitted well into the playlist.

I have to say that Still Waters is an absolutely beautiful piece. Chick is a mastermind when orchestrating your works, and his productions are wonderful!!!  I am so looking forward to hearing the new CD.

Signed Stephen Runkle MP3
TQE Productions
Tampa, Florida - USA


Beautiful Music Is Timeless

Chick Holland


Just had a listen to your latest track. It really is calming and soothing, and at times a little eerie. It's as if you are sitting at an American style ranch house in Autumn fog, looking out at the swirling mist around the extensive grounds.
Mike Windsor, UK

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