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On these CDs Chick plays two Fender Strats (Japanese Hank Signature Models) one fitted with Kinman CV pick-ups the other with Kinman FV pick-ups.  Both are fitted with EasyMute arms and have been set up by Fender.
He also uses a Special Edition Tanglewood acousto-electric on some tracks.  For Shads style music Chick uses an Alesis Q20 and two Alesis Q2s with 'Echoes of the Past' programmes (some specially written by Charlie Hall).  These together with other Studio delay units are used to give the desired effects.


Chick records using 3 Fostex DMT8VL software II versions linked together via midi sync to give 24 tracks of hard-disc recording.  Final mixes are then Mastered using a TC 96K Finaliser to bring the recording up to commercial standards.
New Artists.....
I Love You LMP.015
1  I Love You
2  Music Box Dancer
3  Sway
4  La Mer
5  Samba D'Or Feu - Cumana - Cataschok
6  Viennese - Medley
7  Trixie
8  Sweet Georgia Brown / Dexter's Rag
9  La Vie En Rose
10  Der Lustiger Klavierspieler
11  Just Wild
12  Plaisir D'Amour
13  Taboo / Caravan
14  Only Love
15 I'll Walk Beside You
16 In The Still Of The Night
17 Night & Day
18 Brindy
19 Begin the Beguine
20 Recuerdos - Lady Of Spain -
     In a Little Spanish Town - Granada
21 Over The Rainbow
22 As Time Goes By
23 How Deep Is The Night
24 The Breeze and I / Perfidia
25 What's New
26 Laura
27 Sentimental Journey /
     Chantanooga Choo Choo
28 I Love You ( Reprise )

John Grace
28 Unforgettable Tracks
Over 73 minutes
Playing time

1 Butterfly
2 Forgotten Summers
3 Dancing on Air
4 Fountain Of Dreams
5 Pirouette
6 Coming Home
7 Moonshine
8 Morning Mist
9 Celebration
10 Summer Breeze
11 Footprints in the Snow
12 Song Of Hope
13 Nature's Symphony
14 First Love
15 Kaleidoscope
16 Lullaby
17 A Walk in the Heather
18 Sea Of Tranquillity
19 Rainbow
20 Reflections
21 Lazydays
22 Winter Dreams
23 Serendipity

CD  12.50 + 1.50 p&p

Kate Isaac

Piano Swings - Lady Sings LMP.016
1   You're a Liar But I Love You
2   I'll Never Fall In Love Again
3   Thinking of You
4   Wave My Boy Goodbye
5   When I Met You in Quito
6   Where Did Our Love Go Wrong?
7   Plain Old Me
8   Another Lover On Your Mind
9   D/Vine
10 When You Smiled At Me
11 The Lothersdale Way
12 As Time Goes By
13 Always True to You in my Fashion
14 A Picture of You
Mike McNamara

No Turning Back LMP.011

1 Keep the faith
2 Pony Tail
3 Celtic Twilight
4 Dear Mike
5 Hey Django
6 No Turning Back
7 Only Dreaming
8 The Hollow Men
9 Hard Shoulder Crawls
10 Looking Heavenwards
11 Bill Withers Said
12 Your Time Is Up
13 Always be your Friend
14 Sounds Like Otis
15 Soul Dust
16 Telephone Engineer
17 Have You seen the Child
18 Hail Mary

Original Songs by Welsh 'Soul' Vocalist and poet Mike McNamara

Kate Isaac

Baby Grand LMP.006
1  Red Light. Sad Light
2  Baby Grand
3  Simply You
4  It's Too Late to Say Goodbye
5  Captain Valentine
6  One More Chance With You
7  Santa Clara Night
8  When I Met Christopher
9  New Music
10 The Picture You Made For Me

Klass Akt

Say Whut LMP.007
1  Intro: The Philosophy of 'Say Whut'
2  Sprung
3  Say It Again
4  Buskers Interlude
5  Now & Forever
6  Take Me Home
7  Runaway
8  Say Whut
9  Telephone Interlude
10  Talk 2 Me
11  Good Thing
12  Setting the Scene
(Do U like What U C) Interlude.
13  On & On  (All Night Long)
14  Count On Me
15  Y.B.O.T.B.S.O.T.T.I.M.
16  Hooked On You.

Original Songs by New Shropshire based Boy-band Klass Akt

Iris Litchfield
Autumn Shadows & Natures Symphony LMP.014
CD  19.99 + 1.50 p&p

John Scott
People Like Us LMP.009
1  End of the world
2  Make it with you
3  People Like Us
4  Eyes Like The Storm
5  Into Summer
6  Good 4 Me
7  Freedom
8  Guy
9  When I Fall In Love
10  Stand Together
11  Breathe For You
12  The Morning After
13  Most Girls Do
14  Ocean of Gold
15  For Ever Always Young
16  Freedom (Piano Mix)
Original songs and 'favourites' by New London vocalist Jon Scott

Autumn Shadows LMP.010
1 Forever In My Heart
2 Still Waters
3 LostLove
4 Treasured Moments
5 Wings Of Hope
6 Lasting Memories
7 Images
8 Autumn Shadows
9 Raindrops
10 Come Stay With Me
11 Gladtime Rag
12 Flying High
13 New Awakening
14 Peaceful Shores

Tracks 1,3,5,7 - online playable samples.

14 extended length tracks
Over 71 minutes

Iris Litchfield

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CD  12.50 + 1.50 p&p

Natures Symphony LMP.012
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Iris Litchfield
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Nature's Symphony - 23 tracks - Album Book 25
Iris Litchfield
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